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Home » Thermilate Insulating Paint Additive
Thermilate Insulating Paint Additive
When added to any paint such as emulsion etc and is applied to walls and ceiling in your home this insulating paint additive makes a dramatic improvement in heat retention. Cuts heat loss and condensation problems. Check out Thermilate Warmcoat Insulating Paint. Beware of Fakes
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Product Usages
  1. Old un-insulated stone walls
  2. Solid block walls
  3. Cavity block walls
  4. Ceilings - helps stop heat bleed upwards
  5. Hot water tanks - helps keep heat inside
  6. Pipework
  7. Residential care homes, churches etc
  8. All commercial buildings
  9. Slashes condensation problems on Cold Walls.
  10. Cuts Energy Bills because of warmer home with less power use
Product Details

DIY Insulation Just Add To Your Paint

Having been featured on BBC''S TOMORROW''S WORLD, THERMILATE, the revolutionary, durable paint additive that makes paint insulate is now available to specifiers, building, maintenance & painting contractors and of course home & property owners.

Main Benefits

Saves on running time for heating and cooling equipment Reduces carbon dioxide gas emissions Gives up to a 20% reduction in heat loss through internal and external walls, ceilings and roofs or other coated surfaces such as pipes and ducting. Improves overall performance of existing insulation within buildings by over 50%. It blocks the extreme heat of the sun when applied to exterior walls (!) It is safe to add to any paint product. Does not affect paint adhesion, useful shelf life or colour. Improves the fire retardant properties of surfaces

Where Can I Use This?

Thermilate will provide effective insulation in winter on: Homes, offices, industrial, retail and any building you need to keep warm. Industrial plant such as oil storage and metal shipping containers. Walls - interior and exterior, ceilings, floors, roofs, metal wall cladding, hot air ducts and pipes. Caravans and mobile homes, modular buildings, garden sheds etc. Steel and GRP hulled boats, yachts. It Works in ANY oil or water based paint.

Has It Been Tested Approved?

Yes, Thermilate has been tested and approved by leading facilities such as: Geoscience Laboritories - the world''''s leading thermal insulation and energy conservation laboritories with govermental acceptance. Accredited International Conference of Building Officials, insulation manufacturers, NASA, NVLAP, USAF, NIST, California Energy; The Climatic Test Branch of the U.S. Missile Command; Pratt & Whitney Aerospace; The National Construction Institute of Korea; Municipal Government & National Railroad in Tokyo Japan; U.S. Coastguard; U.S. Navy; The National Housing Authority of China. Thousands of DIY home owners have bought and used this product from us over the last 10 years and has a very high satisfaction rating.

What Quantity Do I Need?

Calculate one bottle per each 5 litres of paint. It is recommended to use it in two or three coats for maximum effect. Saves Energy! Saves Money! Saves the Environment!

How Does It Work?

Thermilate insulating paint additive is made up of millions of insulating microspheres. This technology was first developed by scientists working on NASA projects to combat the high temperatures encountered by the space shuttle on re-entry. Each microsphere is a tiny hollow ceramic ball no longer than a piece of sand. They reflect and refract heat like the tiles on the space shuttle. The centre of each sphere is not only hollow but has all the air removed and is a vacuum. It is a known fact that NOTHING can travel via conduction through a vacuum, not even heat. The resulting microsphere is, in effect, a mini thermos flask. On internal walls and ceilings this reduces heat loss, creating a warmer room. On external walls and roofs, this reflects the heat from the sun, creating a cooler internal room. How do they work when mixed in paint? Conventional insulation products only work by slowing down the rate of heat loss through the actual wall. However, the microspheres in Thermilate work by helping to prevent the heat getting through the wall in the first place, by reflecting the heat when it touches the wall. Thermilate even gives excellent energy saving even when used on well insulated walls. Thermilate has ceramic micro-spheres which create a thermal barrier. They refract, reflect and dissipate heat. SAVING ENERGY, SAVING MONEY & SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT

What About Insulating Paint?

The insulating paint additive has been around now for about ten years and has many loyal DIY followers. Thermilate Warmcoat Advanced insulating paint is factory blended for optimum performance and is the ONLY such product to be awarded certification by a UK Gov Approved Lab as an insulation product. It is a high quality, easy to apply acrylic material and is smoother than the additive in a cheaper paint. Tip: If you want the best of both worlds, apply two coats of Thermilate Warmcoat (white only) first and then apply a colour of your choice to finish with Thermilate insulating additive in that. See Insulation on home page or copy & paste the following link http://www.upkeepers.co.uk/Product/WIP
Thousands of homeowners already enjoy the benefits of Thermilate Warmcoat.