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Home » Dilunett Paint and Varnish Stripper
Dilunett Paint and Varnish Stripper
Dilunett’s unique stripping action can cut through 8 to 10 coats in just one application, removing most types of paints, varnishes and lacquers from virtually all surfaces.
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Product Usages
  1. Easy to apply, Dilunett’s gel consistency allows it to act deeply over the surface without running. Working slowly at first,it dissolves paint in the smallest recesses and finest details, softening all the accumulated layers for simple, clean removal.
  2. Because it’s solvent free, it can be safely used, even in
  3. confined areas.
  4. Very popular in boating circles.
  5. Theoretical coverage: 4 sq m / litre (depends on job)
Product Details

A Great Stripper

Dilunett stripping gel for all substrates works alone without
dripping. Rinse off with water.

Remains active for a long time.

Does not contaminate; no solvent or paraffin. Ideal for removing boat anti-fouling paints.

*Except aluminium, oak and chestnut.

Easily removes all oil and water based paints or varnish

All you need to do is brush on the Dilunet, leave it overnight and next day the paint will be softened and easy to remove.

Watch the video - Strip old shutters without scraping or sanding

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Watch the video - Restoration of a garden wooden table that has been previously coated

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