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7 Reasons Why You Should Check Our Warmcoat,
Advanced Insulating & Energy Saving Paint...


  1. Reduces heat loss out through walls / ceilings.
  2. In most cases eliminates comndensation / damp walls
  3. Prevents mould patches and spots
  4. Saves on heating bills because you switch off burner sooner
  5. Makes cold rooms snug and cosy.
  6. Perfect as an undercoat on any interior painting job.
  7. Superb on older cavity walls and solid walls.

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To find out more about Warmcoat, and how it can save you money every month click here.


Mould Stop Anti Mould Paint Additive
Mould Stop Anti Mould Paint Additive
Retail Price £ 23.47
Our Price £ 19.97
You Save £ 3.50 (14.91%)
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OOPS! All Purpose Remover & Cleaner
OOPS! All Purpose Remover & Cleaner
Retail Price £ 11.99
Our Price £ 8.47
You Save £ 3.52 (29.36%)
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